Behavior Policy Statement

The Township Library of Lower Southampton’s Behavior Policy is designed to protect the rights and safety of library users and staff members. It helps ensure the security of library materials, facilities, and property.

In establishing and enforcing the Behavior Policy and corresponding Banning Guidelines, the library seeks to ensure that no individual or group activity occurs that is unreasonably disturbing to others or inconsistent with library activities such as reading, studying, accessing materials and resources, and other similar conduct associated with a public library.

All library staff members are authorized to enforce the policy. Violators generally will be reminded of the policy, given a warning, and then asked to leave if a behavior does not stop. Serious or repeat behavior problems may result in immediate banning without warning. Those who are asked to leave will be banned within the framework of the Township Library of Lower Southampton Banning Guidelines.

At no time will physical force be used by any library staff member to remove someone. If a person refuses to leave, law enforcement will be called.

The expectations in this policy also apply to children. Additional expectation for children and parents are outlined in the Unattended Child Policy (CUS 3).

Members of the Bucks County Library District and system have reciprocity agreements regarding the behavior policy and banning. Banning at a member library also applies to all locations.


Toward enforcement of the policy, the library reserves the right to inspect all bags, purses, briefcases, backpacks, or other containers.

Library users must:

  • Keep their belongings with them at all times. The library is not responsible for oss or theft.
  • Wear shirts and shoes at all times.

Library users may:

  • Use cell phones in designated areas.
  • Consume peanut-free, dry snacks, such as crackers or cookies, and covered drinks in designated areas. Hot or dripping food such as pizza, hamburgers, and hoagies are not permitted. Seating areas may not be used for eating meals.

Illegal activities are prohibited. Library staff will call law enforcement to handle violations of federal or state laws and local ordinances. This includes:

  1. Visible impairment, or possession and use of illegal substances and consumption of alcoholic beverages
  2. Smoking and use of tobacco products in library buildings or areas outside buildings where second-hand smoke can enter
  3. Indecent exposure and sexual activity beyond non-sexual affection
  4. Possession of offensive weapons per PA Title CS 908*
  5. Theft and vandalism of library, staff, and user property
  6. Criminal trespass, including entry into the library while banned

Harmful, disruptive, or destructive behavior is prohibited. This includes:

  1. Harassment, defined as any behavior that disturbs, alarms, or intimidates another person, including:
    • Loud, abusive, threatening, or insulting language
    • Physical contact or attempts or threats of physical contact
    • Following another person around the building or grounds
    • Disruptive or unsafe behavior
    • Committing individual or repeated acts that serve no legitimate purpose
    • Conduct not described above, but of a similarly serious nature
  2. Use of Library materials, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and the building for anything other than the intended purpose
  3. Damage to library materials, equipment, furniture, fixtures, or the building
  4. Gambling
  5. Use of sound and viewing of images on computers in a way that reasonably disturbs others
  6. Use of the parking lot, sidewalks, or grounds for recreation bicycling, skateboarding, or other playground or sports activities
  7. Use of skateboards, skates, and other sports equipment in the library
  8. Blocking or impeding access to interior or exterior walkways, entrances, and common areas, physically or with large items
  9. Trespassing in restricted staff areas or camping on library property
  10. Campaigning, petitioning, survey-taking, soliciting, sales, distributing leaflets, and any speech or conduct that interferes with another person’s right to use the library or with staff performance of their duties
  11. Disregarding the reasonable direction of library staff members

Inappropriate behavior is prohibited. This includes:

  1. Bringing animals in the library, other than service animals or animals that are involved in an official library program; leaving animals unattended outside the library
  2. Excessing displays of affection
  3. Moving furniture or equipment without staff approval.
  4. Loud use of electronic devices with or without headphones
  5. Ringing cell phones
  6. Not conforming to generally acceptable standards of hygiene and cleanliness, such as body odor that is sufficiently foul to be a nuisance to other library users; and wearing infested clothing or carrying infested personal effects
  7. Use of restrooms for bathing, shaving, or laundering
  8. Sleeping
  9. Library staff members exercise discretion in considering if loitering is unacceptable.  Generally, a library user is asked to leave is library staff members determine the behavior or activity is disruptive to or prevents others from utilizing the library and its services.
  10. Monopolizing staff time or library resources
  11. Any individual or group behavior that unreasonably disrupts or interferes with normal operations or use of the library.

* “Any bomb, grenade, machine gun, sawed-off shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches, firearm specifically made or specially adapted for concealment or silent discharge, any blackjack, sandbag, metal knuckles, dagger knife, razor or cutting instrument, the blade of which is exposed in an automatic way by switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or otherwise, or other implement for the infliction of serious bodily injury which serves no common lawful purpose.” (PA Titles 18 CS 908)


Library staff members will approach library users with respect and discretion, delivering warnings as quietly, privately, and politely as possible, contingent upon circumstances.

All occurrences of suspicious or inappropriate behavior are documented using incident logs or incident report forms.

Library staff members will call 911 without hesitation in any circumstance that poses an immediate danger to health, safety, or that may involve a willful violation of federal or state laws or local ordinances. Library staff members will use discretion in calling law enforcement, reserving the use of 911 for emergencies and using non-emergency numbers when appropriate.

Library users who violate the regulations are subject to banning. Any library staff member may ban someone from the library for the remainder of a day. Banning library users for a greater length of time is handled by a manager. Repeat violations will be handled in consultation with a manager.

Notice of banning beyond the remainder of the day will be sent by certified mail to the person’s last known address.

Parents or legal guardians will be notified of the banning from the library of anyone under age 18 or when law enforcement is contacted because of library behavior.

Appeal of the banning may be made, in writing, to the Board of Directors of the Township Library of the Lower Southampton, 1983 Bridgetown Pike, Feasterville, PA 19053. The patron, or in the case of minor child, the parents or guardian, will be notified by the Board of Directors of the date and time of the appeal hearing by overnight mail via UPS or Fed-Ex.