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Memorial & Honor Book Donations

Honor the memory of a loved one or a friend, or celebrate an achievement or a milestone.

Our Memorial & Honor Book Program offers you the opportunity to donate the cost of purchasing a book for the Library’s collection in memory or in honor of a friend, relative or special person (or even a pet) in your life. Memorial books are a thoughtful and tangible way to celebrate a loved one’s memory, or honor a special achievement or occasion.

Donations start at $30. A larger gift allows library staff to purchase a more expensive book, or perhaps more than one book. You may request a specific subject area, or the library’s staff will select a book in an area in need of new materials. Your gift book will bear a bookplate naming the donor and the person memorialized. Letters of acknowledgement and appreciation will be sent to both the donor and to the family of the person who is being honored.

Memorial & Honor Books are lasting tributes. They will be retained in or withdrawn from the collection according to the same principles as any purchased items. The library cannot assume responsibility for notifying the donor if the book is withdrawn, nor can we be responsible for replacing lost or worn-out copies.

Pleae download this form to make your donation.  Thank you for your support of the library!