Research & Learning


More than 10,000 fun-filled learning activities—including more than 1,200 of them in Spanish—that cover reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music (ages 2-8+).

Research & Learning


Search your family history through census records and other databases. This service is only available in the library on Bucks County Library System computers.

Research & Learning


Students – get live help from online expert tutors, improve your writing in the writing lab, or practice your foreign language skills, practice for tests with flash cards and other tools.

Adults – study for your G.E.D. or U.S. Citizenship test, improve your Microsoft office skills, get help kicking your job search into high gear, and write a resume that will take you to the top.

Research & Learning


Find the next book in your favorite series or your next favorite book in this database of popular and classic novels for adults, teens, and children.

Research & Learning

Power Library

Power Library is supported through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Research current events, find information to help you repair your car or pictures for a school project, learn about keeping yourself fit and healthy, and more in this vast array of databases.