Our dream for a new children’s room

We have a darn cute children’s area, if we say so ourselves.  When this building first opened in 2004, a lot of people who care deeply about the library and the community worked very hard to make a children’s area that would appeal to kids and build their love of reading.  Today, we have families who come here many times each week, to relax and learn, and to spend time enjoying books, toys, and the companionship of other local families.  It’s amazing now to realize that this room was designed 20 years ago!  As charming as our children’s area is … we think it could be better.

Last year, we had the idea to renovate this room and rededicate it in honor of Joan Bowman, a former children’s librarian and a longtime library board member here in Feasterville. Since then, we have been working on plans to update the room to better serve today’s families.  Among other things, we need more room and more seating so families can stay and play together.  We want to include unique kid-sized spaces where kids can get cozy with books.  Also, our teens deserve a space they can call their own.

Would you like a SNEAK PEEK at the way we hope to transform our space?  Check out this video!

Last year, we asked you for support and so many of you responded. THANK YOU!  We are so lucky to be part of such an amazing and supportive community!  With your continued help, we know we will create something great for our families.

We are continuing to work to make this dream a reality.  Please plan to join us for our Mini Golf Fundraiser on November 3 and 4; proceeds will benefit this project.  And stay tuned for more news on our progress!



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